We have decided to consolidate our blogs as content produced by the Freeform Dynamics team was becoming too fragmented and and difficult to keep track of. As a result, Research Beat (this blog) has been merged into Freeform Comment, which can be found here.

You may also be be interested in the Freeform Dynamics website which has a rich library of research reports, papers, articles and video content.

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An interesting chat with D-Link

And a lesson in understanding your customers

While many industry analysts (arguably most) are focused on the leading/bleeding edge of the IT industry, we at Freeform Dynamics are more concerned with what we call the ‘mainstream’ marketplace. Read more…

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SMBs should focus on Cloud, not Big Data

I have just read what seems to be quite a confused blog post authored by an executive working for a big IT vendor. The premise is that Big Data is not just for large companies. The post goes on to talk about how SMBs might benefit from developments in this area.  Read more…

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CommVault launches in Poland, and shows how it should be done

Nowadays, I try to keep my international business travel to minimum – after a few hundred thousand miles in the air earlier in my career, I now appreciate a less hectic existence. I therefore thought twice when I was invited to Warsaw to sit in on CommVault’s launch event to mark its formal entry into the Polish marketplace. Read more …

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IBM is its own worst enemy on cloud messaging

This post has been prompted by a piece over at, in which Luke Wheeler responds to a concern, particularly from within the financial community, that IBM’s cloud strategy is a “Disaster in the Making”. Read more…

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Application virtualisation coming of age

‘Desktop virtualisation’ is a collective term used to refer to a family of related technologies and techniques for centralising the management and/or execution of various elements of the traditional (typically Wintel) desktop. When the right mix of options is implemented in the right way, operational overheads can be reduced, security tightened, and user flexibility enhanced. Read more…

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Don’t forget the desktop

End user computing must be thought about holistically

Ask anyone in the industry about the future of end user computing and the chances are that the response will major heavily on smartphones and tablets, and perhaps BYOD in relation to these. Read more…

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